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Recommended Readings: Plant and Animal Id

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Recommended Websites

Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration
DER in the Department of Fish and Game works with many federal, state, and local partners to help people voluntarily restore the state's degraded and former coastal wetlands.


Maine's Salt Marshes: Their Functions, Values, and Restoration
an excellent 20-page resource guide. Michele Dionne, Ph.D., Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Salt Marshes of the Gulf of Maine: Long-term monitoring to assess human impacts and ecological conditions
Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment's four-page flyer on marshes and information on habitat monitoring protocols.


Mass Audubon Salt Marsh Science Project
Since 1996, students in grades 5 - 12 on the North Shore have been working with Massachusetts Audubon Society scientists to learn exciting and important information about salt marshes and Phragmites australis (common reed), an invasive plant that grows in salt marshes.