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Our Vision


Leading the Way to a Healthier Sea and Shore!


When we look across Salem Sound, we see rich possibilities. We envision a time when the region's citizens once again feel connected to the ebb and flow of our harbors and tidal rivers.


We see Salem Sound's long-lost resources restored: good fishing, harvestable shellfish, swimmable waters, vital urban waterfronts and healthy natural habitats supporting a diverse abundance of plant- and wildlife.


Our vision captures the Sound as a thriving regional centerpiece: a place where the shore and the sea are accessible for recreation and study, a place attractive to environmentally aware business ventures, a place to renew and replenish the spirit. We see a far-reaching cooperative stewardship among the communities which share the Sound's resources and beauty.


Finally, we envision a citizenry that honors Salem Sound's tremendous values, understands the impact of human activity on natural systems, and takes action to protect this remarkable resource for the common good.


Join us in protecting this valuable resource and celebrating 25 years of protecting and improving the environmental quality of Salem Sound and its watershed.