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Trees for a Healthy Watershed


More and more of our communities are concerned about the condition of their trees.


Learn more about trees and their importance:

Urban and Community Forestry Stewardship
for Watershed Health

A grant from Department of Conservation and Recreation Urban Forestry enabled SSCW to focus on conservation, restoration, and stormwater managment in the North River Watershed in Salem and Peabody.

The major goal is to restore the North River and its tributaries so that they once again become natural amenities that improve the communities' quality of life, not hazards to be ignored or buried underground. As additional population growth and development continue, the remaining unprotected natural resources are at risk. To learn more about the watershed and next actions, the North River Forest and Watershed Awareness final report is available as a PDF (7.9MB) and in the SSCW office. The appendices are also available as a PDF (16.6MB).


With the assistance of MA Riverways in 2007, we established 10 stream teams that conducted "Shoreline Surveys" of the North River and Peabody Brooks in May (yes, the month of floods). In June, the stream teams met to review all the findings and discuss what actions need to be work on. The action plan is detailed in the North River Forest and Watershed Awareness final report and available as a separate document (186KB).


"Nurturing the Recovery of the North River: A Practical Vision"

which can be read by coming to the SSCW office or downloading the report PDF (22MB) and Appendices & References (7MB). This report is the work of five Tufts University Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning graduate students and offers preservation opportunities for communities of Salem and Peabody.