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Lobster Trap Fouling Study Map and Results


Lobster trawl locations in the seven study areas inside and
outside of Salem Sound

Fouling Trap Map


Occurrences of fouling species over the course of the study

Fouling Species Table

This table shows the number of times that each listed fouling species or group was observed on a trap. Red indicates an invasive species.
? is a group that may or may not contain invasive species.


Abundances of most common fouling organisms in three study areas

fouling graph

This figure illustrates the relative average abundance, on a score of 0 (none found), to 3 (highly abundant) for some of the most common fouling species on lobster traps, in three representative regions inside and outside of the Salem Sound. Read the full study report.


We look forward to continuing collaboration with local commercial fishermen to expand this project and to conduct other research in Salem Sound.