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Tidepools along our Rocky Shore

This is where people are most likely to see a large variety of marine creatures. Living protected on the underside of rocks, and surviving in isolated pools of water at low-tide, many animals and seaweed have become specialized at living in this rough environment where they can be exposed to the air for hours at a time, and where waves can crash with great force. Small fish and young crabs and lobsters seek refuge here until they grow big enough to survive in the open. These animals are also a food source for hungry shore birds, fish, and even terrestrial animals.



Looking for rocky intertidal organisms


We train volunteers to be the eyes on the water!

Call 978-741-7900 or email us if you want to participate in our summer dock and intertidal rocky shore monitoring. We are collecting information about the current locations, abundance, and characteristics of non-native and native species along our shores. Also, learn about shellfish in Salem Sound.


Explore CZ-Tip - Learn What Lurks in a Massachusetts Tide Pool to learn more about marine organisms and the creative characteristics that allow them to survive this harsh intertidal environment. This tip also provides information on invasive species that are a real threat to marine ecosystems, tide pool destinations in Massachusetts, and tips for staying safe and minimizing impacts while exploring these environments. Thanks MA Coastal Zone Management.


Hermit crab looking for a new shell to call home.

Hermit crab looking for a new shell to call home.


Palaemon elegans

First seen in Salem Sound in 2010, Palaemon elegans has been seen using tidepools, salt marsh creeks and around docks.