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Stormwater - NUMBER ONE
NonPoint Source of Pollution to our Waters

Stormwater discharges are contributing to at least 55% of the impairments in all Massachusetts' assessed waters. MA is 4th most urbanized state in the country (~40% urbanized)!


Stormwater Runoff

When it rains, the water has to go somewhere. In a natural system, a good 55% of the rain is absorbed by the vegetation and soils, but when land gets paved over, the water has no place to go except run downhill. This is stormwater runoff. As it travels downhill over paved (impervious) surfaces, it picks up fertilizers from yards, pollutants from the cars and streets, animal waste, and sediments. The following are some of the negative results from stormwater runoff as it runs off impervious surfaces:

Salem Sound Coastwatch is committed to increasing the public's knowledge of the threats to the Salem Sound watershed, fostering responsible and sustainable resource management practices, and promoting citizens' and municipalities' understanding of their role in restoring and protecting the watershed and Salem Sound.



Stormwater Runoff is all our problem!
What Can Individuals Do?

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