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SERVICE Opportunities

Salem Sound Coastwatch works with interested people, children and adults, who want to give back to their communities. Service projects performed with your group or a group we assemble can make a dent in the much needed effort to protect and improve our coastal watershed, coastline and ocean.


SSCW offers volunteer opportunities, whether you want to get your hands dirty and learn a little wetlands ecology in our saltmarsh monitoring programs or participate in something as simple as a beach cleanup. SSCW also welcomes your ideas on how to improve the waters and beautiful coastline that makes up Salem Sound.


Try one of these activities for your service project:


Stenciling Stenciling

Salem Academy and Salem Boys and Girls Club stencil storm drains.

Pepperweed Service Project

Upward Bound pulls pepperweed at Forest River Park for the second year.


Tree planting

Arborist and Greenscapes consultant, Curt Dragon, helps volunteers
plant a tree on Jefferson Ave in Salem
. (Photo by Marilyn Humphries)


Thank you!