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Walk Your Watershed - NOAA B-WET:

Salem Sound Coastwatch with NOAA B-WET funding (2013-2015) worked with the Peabody Higgins Middle School teachers to increase their students' knowledge of the North River watershed, engage students in scientific investigations and increase stewardship actions. We are sharing with you the following Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences developed during this project.

Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience @ Brooksby Farm
Brooksby Farm, Peabody MA lies in the watershed of Salem Sound. Much of the water from the farm flows to the major river in Peabody, the North River. All the stations, woods walk, water quality and water cycle, actively engaged the students in hands-on, inquiry-based activities learning about data collection and learning about the natural environment.

Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience @ Salem Sound
Students traveled to the end of their watershed to Salem Sound where the North River empties. At both Winter Island and Misery Island students participated in hands-on inquiry based activities gave that provided opportunities to learn about the ocean, the water cycle, watersheds, and their connection to the marine environment.

Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience @ North River
The walking field trip began at the middle school and ended at the river site behind the Stop 'n Shop in Peabody MA. This trip was highly successful and rich with multidisciplinary stations for students to experience along the way. Four stations along the North River gave students a full picture of the history, topography and dynamics of the river.

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