School to Sea

The Salem Sound watershed is an ecosystem worth learning about and preserving.  Research shows that many young people don’t understand the connection between a healthy watershed and quality of life for humans and other living beings.  We aim to give students experiences in their local watershed and coastal waters, strengthen their connection to it, and increase their scientific knowledge. Through these experiences, students realize how they can become stewards of the place they call home.

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Read about our partnership with the Sea Shuttle to bring educational trips to students and teachers. Explore the ocean and underwater habitats of Salem Sound. We can tailor the trip to the needs of your group – whether it be a high school environmental science class studying microplastics or a summer camp wanting to snorkel at the beach after a fun day on the boat.

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Current Youth INITIATIVES:

Salem Sound Coastwatch has many youth based programs.
Learn more about our initiatives and become involved.

  • Enrichment Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Summer Programs
  • Adopt a Beach for Schools

OFFERINGS for Educators and Schools:

Expand your teaching into the community in which your children live. The focus is student-centered and place-based: allowing children to explore, collect information and construct meaning based on their observations in their local watershed and at the ocean. Activities for elementary, middle and high school are linked to the standards in the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Framework for Teaching.

Walk Your Watershed - NOAA B-WET:

Here are some Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences developed through NOAA B-WET that available to educators online. They were developed with our work with Peabody Higgins Middle School teachers and students. We are in year 2 of a 3-year NOAA B-WET project with Salem 7th grade teachers and students and the Greater Salem Boys & Girls Club.

Teacher Summer Institute:

Participating teacher have had great success in implementing their ideas into place-based experiences for their students. Two teachers took their students to their local rivers, Nashua River and Bass River, to do water testing and biotic sampling. Students will continue to visit the river throughout the year to watch for seasonal changes and record data. The data will be kept from year to year in order for students to learn from one anther and to monitor more longer term changes on the river. Come be a part of our Institute to implement similar work in your classroom! And more.

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Overview of School to Sea

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