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School to Sea: Current Youth Initiatives:


Enrichment and After School Programs

Children explore watersheds and the ocean waters of Salem Sound with Salem Sound Coastwatch. These programs have children exploring how water gets to the ocean and learning about coastal and marine ecology. They will have the rare opportunity to go out on the boat, Endeavour, where they can use an underwater camera, pull up organisms from the sea bottom, and explore Misery Island. Students learn aboard Endeavour, a 45-foot catamaran operated by Sea Shuttle.


Summer Programs

Kids from all over the Salem Sound watershed area explore the coast, both by land and by sea this summer with Salem Sound Coastwatch and Sea Station Inc. Salem Sound Coastwatch partners with area camps to offer unique programming that includes marine technology, in-depth ecological studies of Salem Sound and Children's Island, and boat-based explorations.


We also partner with the Salem and Peabody Parks & Recreation to offer day campers a unique coastal experience. For the past two summers, kids have come with us aboard the Sea Shuttle's Endeavour to deepen their appreciation of the ocean and knowledge of Salem Sound.


Adopt A Beach for Schools

With training and guidance from Salem Sound Coastwatch, teachers and students become stewards of a local beach. Teachers take the lead by participating in a training led by Salem Sound Coastwatch. Then, teachers and students become stewards of their chosen beach, visiting several times throughout the school year to monitor what lives there and collect data about changes that are occurring to our coastline. Brookwood School in Manchester-by-the-Sea has further developed the program and integrated it into their curriculum. The teachers and program have been recognized by Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs.


Talking Trash for Clean Oceans
Leadership Project


SSCW staff have enlisted 10 Salem teens to meet twice a week after school to learn about marine debris, survey local neighborhoods, and design and implement activities to change behaviors. Teens will also design a reusable shopping bag to distributed in their community.


Also being planned are Talking Trash for Clean Oceans Discovery Days for 4th and 6th graders in the Salem Public Schools. Students will participate in hands-on activities that help them make the connection between trash on the street, marine debris and the health of the oceans.


Every student will be given a Talking Trash Discovery Kit to take home to share with their families.


NOAA Marine Debris Prevention through Education and Outreach is funding this project. For more on this and see our partners.



There was a child went forth everyday,
And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became.
And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day, Or for many years or stretching cycles of years.

- Walt Whitman