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Potential Marine Invaders Identification

Prevention and early eradication of marine biological invaders are the most effective methods of managing nonindigenous species. Therefore, we are asking the people who live, work, and play along the coastline to be on the watch for new arrivals. We want you to become "the eyes" on the water. SSCW has created ID cards for seven species that have the potential to
invade the New England region.


Early detection efforts are most concerned with these “Potential Invaders”.
If you believe you have seen one of them, it is important to immediately notify your monitoring organization or send in a Hitchhiker Sighting Submission Form


When a "Potential Invader" is found, volunteer monitors will need to have the sighting verified. Careful note of its location, a photograph, and/or a specimen sample should be taken. MIT Sea Grant under its Hitchhiker's Guide Program has developed excellent verification instructions. A taxonomic expert will then confirm the sighting.


Potential Invader Identification Cards

Synidotea laevidorsalis
Asian isopod PDF 1.3MB

Eriocheir sinensis
Chinese mitten crab
Chineses Mitten Crab
Drawing - Rob Gough

Corella eumyota
tunicate PDF 1.7MB
Photo - Gretchen Lambert

Rapana venosa
rapa whelk
Drawing - Rob Gough

Undaria pinnatifida PDF 1.8MB
undaria kelp, wakame seaweed
Photo - Steve Lonhart
Monterey Bay NMS

Sargassum muticum PDF 1.2MB
Japanese seaweed, wireweed
Photo - Kevin Briton-Simmons

Hemigrapsus takanoi PDF 1.9MB
brush-clawed shore crab
H takanoi
Photo - Adriaan Gittenberger

Invaders in New England
16 ID Cards



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