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New England Marine Invaders Identification

Salem Sound Coastwatch has developed resources to help you identify 13 common marine invaders that are currently in New England. The following links describe the species physical characteristics, habitat preference, current distribution, ecological concerns, and similar species. These species have been selected because they can be identified by volunteer monitors who have been trained. If you are interested in having these 16 introduced species plus the 7 potential invaders as laminated ID Cards, go to Salem Sound Coastwatch's Coastal Habitat Invasives Monitoring Program webpage.

Monitors can help document the presence/absence, abundance, and distribution of introduced species. With this information, a rapid expansion of a biological invader may be detected. Once volunteers have been trained in identification, regional organizations, such as Salem Sound Coastwatch, will help volunteers determine where to focus their energies in useful monitoring efforts.

New England Invader Identification Cards

Styela clava
club tunicate PDF 106KB
Club Tunicate
Photo - Andrew Martinez

Botryllus schlosseri
star tunicate PDF 102KB
Photo - Andrew Martinez

Botrylloides violaceus PDF 99KB
orange or red sheath tunicate
Photo - Andrew Martinez

Didemnum vexillum
colonial tunicate PDF 113KB
Photo - Dann Blackwell USGS

Ascidiella aspersa
European sea squirt PDF 1MB
Photo -Robert Buchsbaum

Diplosoma listerianum
diplosoma tunicate PDF 1.8MB

Photo - Picton..E. & Morrow, C.C.

Membranipora membranacea
lacy crust bryozoan PDF 1.8MB
Closeup Photo - Rob Gough

Diadumene lineata
orange-striped anemone PDF 1.5MB
Photo - Robert Buchsbaum

Ostrea edulis
European flat oyster PDF 105KB
Drawing - Rob Gough

Codium fragile spp. tomentosoides
green fleece PDF 101KB
Drawing - Rob Gough

Hemigrapsus sanguineus
Asian shore crab PDF 984KB
Asian Shore Crab
Drawing - Rob Gough

Carcinus maenas
European green crab PDF 119KB

Green Crab
Drawing - Rob Gough

Grateloupia turuturu
red algae PDF 1.7MB

Photo - Emily Jones

Caprella mutica
spiny red Caprellid amphipod

Caprella mutica
Photo - Adriann Gittenberger

Bugula neritina
purple bushy bryozoan PDF
Bugula neritina

Photo - Niels Hobbs

Palaemon elegans
European rock shrimp PDF

palaemon elegans


Photo - Adriann Gittenberger



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