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Guide to Marine Invaders in the Gulf of Maine is a set of 23 ID cards. They are full color, laminated, 8.5 x 5 inch field cards. Great as a learning tool in the classroom or on the shore.


Non-Native Seaweed in Massachusetts , guidance from MA Coastal Zone Management Guidance 2013


The NEANS Online Guide to Aquatic Invasive Species in Northeastern North America provides information about invasive species that threaten northeastern North America and allows you and your organization to create customized field guides.


Identifying the crabs of New England is outlined with photos at Dave Delaney's Invasive Tracers web


Guide to Exotic Species by Andrew Cohen (2005) of San Francisco Bay provides detailed species idenification (includes species found in New England). Check out as well as the story of how the San Francisco Estuary is changing due to exotic species and the San Francisco Estuary Institute Bioinvasion Programl.


Gateway to federal and state invasive species activities and programs

USGS page on NAS - Nonindigenous Aquatic Species

More information on tunicates at Charles and Gretchen Lambert’s Ascidian home page

Woods Hole Science Center Didemnum species

Learn more about the Rapa Whelk from the Molluscan Ecology Program at Virginia Institute of Marine Science


MIT Sea Grant Hitchhikers Guide to Exotic Species is a field guide for beachcombers, students and other interested citizens. Printed on waterproof paper, it contains color photographs and information on introduced species and a few native species for comparison.

Woods Hole Sea Grant waterproof Beachcomber’s Companion© features 50 common Atlantic coast marine invertebrates, beautifully illustrated (and scientifically accurate), held together with a clip and packaged in a mesh bag.

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