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Marine Life Field Guides


Eastern Tidepool & Reef: North-central Atlantic Marinelife Guide.
Harvey-Clark, Chris. 1997. Hancock House Publishers. Blaine, WA.


Marine life of the North Atlantic: Canada to New England.
Martinez, Andrew J. 2011. Aqua Quest.


Peterson Field Guide: A Field Guide to the Atlantic Seashore.
Gosner, Kenneth L. 1978. Houghton Mifflin Co. New York, New York.



Guide to Marine Invaders in the Gulf of Maine
Laminated, color 8.5 x 5.5" ID cards of invasive species found or threatening
invasion in the Gulf of Maine. Developed by Salem Sound Coastwatch.


Hitchhikers: Guide to Exotic Species
Waterproof guide with information on 14 invasive marine species, as well
as a few species native to New England. Free guides can be ordered using
the MITSG number 04-3 from MIT Sea Grant. Hitchhikers PDF


Marine Invaders in the Northeast: Rapid Assessment Survey of
Non-native and Native Marine Species of Floating Dock Communities

August 2003. This publication reports the findings of a rapid assessment
survey used to identify native, introduced, and cryptogenic species in
fouling communities on floating docks and associated structures along
the Northeastern U.S. coast from Portland, Maine through New York
City and Staten Island.


Beachcomber's Companion
A set of 50 marine invertebrate identification cards common along the
northwest Atlantic coast.