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Salt Marsh Protection and Restoration

Two-thirds of the Salem Sound's salt marshes were lost between 1965 and 1997. Protecting the remaining salt marshes of Salem Sound is critical for the ecological health of the Sound.

The Role of Salt Marshes

Salt Marshes are one of the most biologically and ecologically productive natural ecosystems on earth. They are important because they:

Salem Sound Coastwatch has monitored pre- and post- restoration salt marshes for over 12 years using the Wetland Habitat Assessment Toolbox. Volunteers are trained to become citizen marsh scientists assisting the SSCW in recording the plants, fish and macroinvertebrates that live in the marshes as well measuring the salinity in the creeks and the marsh soils.

Salem Sound Coastwatch Projects

Pickman Park, Salem - Phragmites australis Eradication Pilot Project
Thissel Marsh, Beverly - Restoration and Monitoring
Eastern Point, Gloucester - Monitoring
Clark Pond, Manchester - Monitoring
Newman Road, Newbury - Monitoring