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Salem Sound Coastwatch's History

Celebrating 20 years of protecting and improving the environmental quality of Salem Sound and its watershed


Salem Sound Coastwatch, then named Salem Sound 2000, was established as an informal working group in 1990 when a handful of citizens, local officials, and businesses became concerned with the lack of attention paid to the coastal embayment of Salem Sound.


In 1995, the organization became one of the five local governance committees (LGCs) for the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program to facilitate regional implementation of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP). As the Salem Sound Mass Bays regional Coordinator, Salem Sound Coastwatch assists the communities in the Salem Sound Watershed with activities such as water quality monitoring, protective bylaw development, grantsmanship, and public education - all with the ultimate goal of helping to shape and implement CCMP actions.


Salem Sound Coastwatch is recognized throughout the region for its environmental programs, which include volunteer monitoring programs (Clean Beaches & Streams, Coastal Habitat Invasives Monitoring Program, Wetland Health Assessment Toolbox, Stream Teams), on-the ground restoration projects (salt marsh and anadromous fish habitat restoration and stormwater remediation), public education (beach water quality and stormwater education), and municipal assistance (technical assistance and grant writing).