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What Lives Under Floating Docks?


We may not think of the docks where we fish or keep our boats, as anything but manmade constructions, but they are also home to entire vibrant communities of marine animals and seaweeds that can grow so thick as to nearly rival coral reefs in their blend of colors and forms. The artificial conditions of floating docks, being near the surface and nurturing sunlight while never being out of water, creates a paradise that many marine species will quickly try to take advantage of. In fact, much like the arrival of human passengers off of a ship, docks are often the first stop in the arrival and spread of species that aren't native to the area. Some of these species can be so problematic, overtaking native species, that they are considered invaders.


Palaemon elegans- Latest INVADER to Salem Sound was first found atPalaemon elegans

a floating dock in Salem Harbor.

We train volunteers to be the eyes on the water!
Call 978-741-7900 or email us if you want to participate in the 2011 summer dock monitoring. We are collecting information about the current locations, abundance, and characteristics of non-native and native species along our shores.