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"One problem is a lack of interaction between government researchers and officials, industries, or communities facing risks or opportunities in a shifting climate."

"We don't know what communities need and they don't know what we can provide." NY Times, 9/14/2007

National Academies Panel Faults Emphasis of U.S. Climate Program,


Climate Change: Ready or Not

The six communities of Marblehead, Salem, Peabody, Danvers, Beverly and Manchester, which constitute the Salem Sound area, face increased risk to climate change due in large part to their coastal locations. In order to help ensure that these communities are moving in the direction of increasing their climate change resiliency, Salem Sound Coastwatch (SSCW) partnered with Tufts University Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Department graduate students to perform a climate change vulnerability assessment to better understand the local impacts of climate change, the vulnerabilities local populations will face as a result, and strategies Salem Sound communities can use in order to effectively adapt to these changes. In particular, the team focused on the City of Beverly.


Their report Climate Change: Ready or Not (May 2008 - 3.8 MB PDF) provides a framework for addressing physical and social vulnerability highlighting particular populations and spaces susceptible to the impacts of climate change. Key concepts and strategies are reviewed and recommended, providing a starting point for how communities can incorporate and implement adaptation initiatives that will make them resilient, safe and sustainable for the long term.

Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment
The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and a team of more than
fifty independent experts are working to develop and communicate
a new assessment of climate change, impacts on climate-sensitive sectors,
and solutions in the northeastern United States.


Climate Adaptation Links

"Adaptation is not really anything new, it is just better planning and using different information (future projections) in recognition that the future will be different than the past. All adaptive actions should try to fall into the win-win-win category: where there is a benefit now, a benefit in the future, and could still be a benefit whether the climate changes as projected or we are surprised." from the Adaptation Network a project fo the Earth Island Institute


Mass Department of Fish and Game climate adaptation strategies

StormSmart Coasts

A Survey of Climate Change Adaptation Planning

Climate Change and Cape Cod: Coastal Impacts and Adaption Strategies (PPT)

ICLEI - Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional and State Governments


For information from EPA on the water climate change strategy and
Findings and Summary of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program. Climate Change and Ecosystems: Summary of Recent Findings PDF 1.1MB.