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Alive in Salem Sound | Adopt a Beach


Where many of us become most familiar with the sea, sandy beaches are a great place to relax and enjoy Salem Sound – they can also be great places to learn something about the creatures that inhabit the sound. The shells and seaweed that wash up are signs of a thriving ecosystem. Some of it might smell unpleasant as it breaks down and its nutrients get recycled back into the sea, but it's all just a hint of the fascinating life below the waves.


And, while the beach itself may look barren of life, below the surface of the sands are millions of small harmless creatures, such as crustaceans and worms, which survive along the wave-swept shore. Many of these little animals are an important food source for the shore birds that frequent these beaches, racing along the edge of the surf, poking into the sand for these tasty morsels.


Our Adopt a Beach Program brings people together to protect and improve this important resource for flora, fauna and people.