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Adopted Beaches

We encourage volunteers to adopt the beach that they "love" or frequent often. Over 30 beaches have been adopted since the program's beginning in 2010. As the program grows, descriptions and pictures will be added to this page to give viewers an idea of the scope of the Adopt a Beach program.




White and Black Beaches

Lobster Cove


Black Cove Beach has been adopted by the 5th graders and their teachers at the Brookwood School. They visit Black Cove (nicknamed Stinky Beach because of the eelgrass that washes ashore) to do beach profiling,
species identification, water quality monitoring, and beach clean-ups
throghout the year.



West Beach

Patch Beach

Woodbury Beach

Rices Beach


Lynch Park and its beaches have become a Carry-in, Carry-out Park - the first in Beverly. The beachkeepers will be helping other volunteers clean up the park until users learn that they have to take with them what they bring in.


Dane Street Beach

Independence Park Beach


Sandy Point Beach's Adopt a Beach team started the Sandy Point Association, which has had regular beach cleanups and tackled some problems such as an unkempt boat rack on the beach.


Gillis Park Beach



Sandy Beach



Collins Cove

Dead Horse Beach

Winter Island - Waikiki Beach and others

Derby Wharf Beach

Palmer Cove Beach

Forest River Park Beaches



Stramski Beach

Grace Oliver Beach

Gas House Beach

Fort Seward and Lobster Shanty Beaches

Riverhead/Devereux Beaches



Eisman Beach

Whales Beach

Galloupes Point Beach



Short Beach

Tudor Beach