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Adopt a Beach

Salem Sound Coastwatch's beach program
is unique in many ways:

Become a beachkeeper!

We come with you to your adopted beach to conduct a beach survey. Email or call if you want training: or 978-741-7900.

Volunteer sign-up form  (171 KB Word Doc) Program Description (28KB PDF)

Beachkeepers (as individuals or as teams) are:
  • Conducting regular coastal clean-ups, especially after storm events when marine debris is washed ashore and documenting storm damage on Storm Reporter

  • Identifying other problems and issues affecting the beach

  • Visually monitoring for sources of pollution, signs of erosion and evidence of invasive species such as the new invasive plant, pepperweed

  • Collecting samples from stormwater outfall pipes and coastal streams for testing for bacterial contamination (where appropriate)

Understanding long-term stresses on our beaches is important. Team members will help establish benchmarks to enable us to evaluate erosion rate, storm damage and sea level rise over time.

What have Beachkeepers Accomplished to date:
  • Identified a new invasive algae that washed up on the beach
  • Contacted the Coast Guard about sewage from a cruise ship that was found on a beach
  • Closed an illicit latrine hidden in the bushes
  • Promoted a carry-in carry-out policy to protect a beach in Beverly
  • Prevented countless cigarette butts, plastics and other debris from polluting the ocean
  • Reported on storm damage to the Massachusetts’ Storm Smart Coasts program