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CO2 emissions must be reduced to prevent the catastrophic destruction of the world's ocean.


"Today, the habitat at risk is the ocean itself.....

Is it better to eat the last fish or let it die "naturally" from effects of CO2?" -- Brad Warren, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership


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Salem Sound Coastwatch is testing the pH of North Shore coastal flats to document a baseline for coastal acidification. Learn more with our story map.


Acid Test: Can we save our oceans from CO2. A 32 page report on the problem, findings, solutions, recommendations compiled by scientists for Oceana, funded by the Scheman Foundation.


The Ocean Acidification Network an informational network for the international scientific community


Changing Chesapeake Bay Acidity Impacting Oyster Shell Growth Acidity is increasing in some regions of the Chesapeake Bay even faster than is occurring in the open ocean. These more acidic conditions in key parts of the Chesapeake Bay reduce rates of juvenile oyster shell formation, according to new research published in the journal Estuaries and Coasts (2010).


Pteropods: NOAA / NSF CRUISE REVEALS IMPACTS OF OCEAN ACIDIFICATION ON CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY OF NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN April 5, 2006 ? Data collected from ocean sampling in the Pacific Ocean from the southern to northern hemispheres confirms that the oceans are becoming more acidic.


EPOCA: the European Project on Ocean Acidification a blog at with media coverage of ocean acidification.


Ocean Acidification and Marine pH Water Quality Criteria AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ACTION: Notice of data availability (NODA).requesting comments by June 15, 2009.
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY [EPA–HQ–OW–2009–0224; FRL–8892–5] SUMMARY: This NODA provides interested parties with information submitted to EPA on ocean acidification and solicits additional pertinent data or information that may be useful in addressing this issue.