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North River Widening Project

The North River watershed is nearly 11.5 square miles collecting water from Peabody and Salem and the North River is the largest source of fresh water to Salem Sound.


Project 1 calls for relocating and enlarging Goldthwaite Brook underground to include twin 4-feet high by 10-feet wide box culverts extending approximately 1,950 linear feet from Oak Street to its confluence with the North RIver ~ 100 feet east of Wallis Street. The City of Peabody has received permission from State regulators to proceed with this project.


Project 2 would widen ~ 1,600 feet of the North River to a width of 38-41 feet extending from Project 1 ~ 100 feet east of Wallis Street to the Howley Street bridge (near the Stop & Shop).


Project 3 would widen the North River 38-41 feet for ~ 400 feet downstream of Howley Street, Peabody and continue another 2,700 feet in Salem beyond Grove Street.


Environmental Notification Form (ENF) (9.9 MB PDF)
Flood Mitigation Facilites for Peabody Square Area
North River, Peabody - May 2008

Supplemental Submittal to ENF (111 kB PDF)
for Flood Mitigation Facilites for Peabody Square Area
EOEEA # 14251

Project 3 North River Widening Corridor
Peabody - Salem map (4.4 MB PDF)