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The Manchester Coastal Stream Team

Since 1995 - Working to protect and restore
the coastal waterways of Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

MCST generally meets on Monday evenings at 7:15 pm in Seaside One.

Call SSCW (978-741-7900) or contact us to find out the latest meeting date, if you want to become involved.


The Manchester Coastal Stream Team (MCST) is a town committee and a group of local citizens who meet monthly to discuss environmental issues that concern Manchester's local waterways and plan corrective measures. Projects focus maintaining and improving water quality and preserving coastal habitats. All projects involve public participation and education.


Does a stream run through or past your property?
Does your lawn abut the ocean, a pond or a marsh?

Make sure that you are a good steward of our streams and coastal waters. Don’t dump lawn clippings or other organic debris at the edge of bodies of water.

The Manchester Coastal Stream Team has updated their brochure on
“The Importance of Streamside Buffers”. It explains ways to protect our waterways and aquatic life, and gives suggestions for plantings in the buffer zones. “The Importance of Streamside Buffers” can be found in Manchester Town Hall, or downloaded here as a pdf.

MCST's Organic Lawn Care brochure was distributed to all households in Manchester in 2005. You can download this brochure to help you get started on a healthy, non-toxic lawn.

Stream surveys of the Sawmill Brook and its tributaries

In September-October 2009, MCST and SSCW conducted stream surveys of the Sawmill Brook and its tributaries to update the 1997 surveys. Sawmill Brook and its two tributaries, Cat Brook and Causeway Brook, together drain more than half of Manchester’s land.

The surveys identified problems that might be affecting water quality or aquatic habitats. Volunteers were trained in what to observe as they walk along the stream.


Results from the stream surveys were discussed and actions needed were determined and prioritized.


MCST has successfully implemented many projects, including:

  • 1997-1998 Sawmill Brook Survey -
    MA Riverways Adopt-A-Stream Program
  • 2009 Sawmill Brook Survey
  • Smelt habitat restoration project
  • Dexter Pond habitat improvement
  • Storm drain stenciling projects
  • Working towards reduction of pesticide use in the watershed
  • Promoting wise use of water resources
  • Wolf Trap -Kettle Cove water testing for bacterial contamination


Smelt Report: Brad Chase’s technical report on smelt spawning in coastal Massachusetts has been published and contains recommendations to improve conditions in Sawmill Brook.
More information: Rainbow smelt (Osmerus mordax) spawning habitat on the Gulf of Maine coast of Massachusetts. 2008 Mass. DMF. Report TR-30.


For more information, contact Salem Sound Coastwatch
at 978-741-7900 or