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Swampscott – Phillips Beach 

Access: Permit parking - Seasonal

Parking: Recreation Permit Parking Only - May 1st to Oct. 1st

Launch: Sandy/Cobble Beach

Tidal Influences: Not Sensitive

Charts: NOAA -13275 (1:25,000) or NOAA 13274 (1:40,000)


Phillips Beach Point

Photo Credit: Google

The beach has a easterly exposure to Massachusetts Bay. It may be a calm paddle in open water or the beach may be pounded by waves that bring the surfers out. There are no restrooms or other facilities.


Path down to Phillips Beach

Follow the small panel boardwalk to the beach. This is a busy beach in the summer, and lifeguards are on duty to watch over the swimmers. You may even see fishermen casting for striped bass from the beach.


Phillips Beach

The beach is wide and long. When the tide is out, it can be quite a carry from parking on the street to the water.


Featured Trails from Phillips Beach - Swampscott

Phillips Beach TrailsPhoto Credit: Google

For tidal information, consult The North Shore Tide Charts.

The above map provides suggestions for possible routes but is not a navigational map. Please refer to a nautical chart particularly if you are not familiar with the area and always be aware of weather conditions, boat traffic and other safety precautions while out on the water.