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Beverly Farms – West Beach

Parking: Resident Sticker required (summer months)

Launch: Sandy beach

Tidal Influences: Not Sensitive

Charts: NOAA - 13275 (1:25,000) or NOAA 13274 (1:40,000)


West Beach

Photo Credit: Google Image

West Beach in Beverly Farms allows public access during the offseason (after Labor Day). There are no restrooms or any other facilities open off season. This flat sandy beach provides easy access down to the waters edge where paddlers can then venture out and take in the beautiful coastal homes and during the fall the remarkable foliage. However, there are abundant eelgrass beds off shore, and in the fall and winter, eelgrass will wash on shore and may hinder easy access to the water.


West Beach

The sandy beach is accessed by a small set of stairs. This photo is taken at low tide, please observe that a trip down to water may be a long one at low tide so come prepared with an extra hand or a stern dolly.


West beach Parking Lot

The parking lot at West Beach will usually allow around 200 vehicles. Keep in mind, during the summer months, a Beverly Farms Resident West Beach sticker is required.


Featured Trails from West Beach- Beverly

West Beach Trails

Photo Credit: Google

SAFETY TIP! Cigarette boats can be found racing back and forth between Great Misery Island and Salem/Beverly Harbor, particularly on weekends in season, so paddlers may want to get their trips to Misery Island in and done before about 10:30. Always make sure you are visible - wear bright colors so others can see you between waves and/or put a flag on the stern of your kayak.


For tidal information, consult The North Shore Tide Charts.

The above map provides suggestions for possible routes but is not a navigational map. Please refer to a nautical chart particularly if you are not familiar with the area and always be aware of weather conditions, boat traffic and other safety precautions while out on the water.