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Accessibility Notes for Adaptive Paddlers

Kayaking Access Sites that are adaptive paddler friendly are featured below. Please provide us with feedback on the usability of these sites by people with physical challenges or additional information that might be useful.


May be one of the better accessible sites because of the flat terrain, close parking and sand ramp to the beach. At times, the sand can get thick at the upper end of the beach so this might present problems for a wheelchair with normal tires. It has accessible restrooms that are open during the summer months.

There is a ramp that allows one to drive to the water. There are no restrooms or other facilities at this site.


As a National Park Site, the restrooms are accessible. Handicapped parking is on Derby Street. Launch requires putting in from the beach. Generally, there is little wave action since it is in Salem Harbor, but it is usable only within two hours of high tide. Then it is a mudflat.

There is handicapped parking close to the beach and asphalt extends to the concrete ramp down to the beach. However, due to erosion there is a large step down to the beach. Generally, the sand is hard packed to the water edge. Restrooms are at the far end of the grass area parking lot. They are old; there is a step up to enter and may have other limitations.


There is a concrete ramp leads to inner Marblehead Harbor. Parking is on a gravel area. Restroom facilities and food are located across the street at Devereux Beach during the summer. For parking and other regulations, check this site.


This is a DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation) park. The Halfway House, located in the middle of Nahant Beach, has handicapped parking and accessible restrooms. There are boardwalks across the dunes and sand to access the water.


For tidal information, consult The North Shore Tide Charts.

DISCLAIMER: This is only a guide to access sites and possible paddling destinations. Conditons could change because of local regulations or wind/wave conditions. It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of these sites for yourself and your vehicle. Please let us know if we need to change a site description.