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Clean Beaches and Streams Program

Salem Sound is part of the North Coastal watershed which has a

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) for Pathogens.


The goals of the Clean Beaches and Streams Program are reduce the bacterial levels in Salem Sound and Massachusetts Bay and to reduce public exposure to bacterial water pollution at area beaches by:
1) providing education on the health threats linked to bacterial contaminated water
2) increasing water quality monitoring
3) partnering with local Boards of Health and Departments of Public Works to identify, post, and fix pollution problems.
To read more about the program and what you can do to be part of the solution, check out "Making the Stormwater Connection".


Link to Clean Beaches and Streams 2017 Final Report.

Clean Beaches and Streams Water Quality
Monitoring Program Summer 2017

From June to August, trained volunteers take water samples from streams and outfall pipes as they empty out on to our coastal beaches. SSCW trains volunteers to monitor water quality by collecting samples from prioritized shoreline sites (stormwater outfalls, coastal streams, etc.). All samples are tested for Enterococcus. Like the more familiar E. coli, enterococci are part of the normal intestinal flora of humans and animals but are also important pathogens that are responsible for serious infections. US EPA has determined that the Enterococcus group is a better indicator of potential public health risk of waterborne disease than fecal coliform bacteria in marine waters.


The Clean Beaches & Stream program is funded by donations to Salem Sound Coastwatch. All water samples are taken following a MA DEP approved Quality Assurance Project Plan and are analyzed by BioMarine Inc. SSCW greatly appreciates your support for this very valuable program.


Testing is conducted every two weeks at designated sites whether it is dry or raining. The results are then shared with the watershed's municipalities as well as the public. Click the links below to view a report for a particular date:


Resutls - Summer of 2017 Sampling

Tuesday, June 13 CBS-6-13-17.pdf
Tuesday, June 27 CBS-6-27-17.pdf
Tuesday, July 11 CBS-7-11-17.pdf
Tuesday, July 25 CBS-7-25-17.pdf
Tuesday, August 8 CBS-8-8-17.pdf
Tuesday, August 22 CBS-8-22-17.pdf


Results - Summer of 2016 Sampling

Thursday, June 9 CBS-6-9-16.pdf
Thursday, June 23 CBS-6-23-16.pdf
Thursday, July 7 CBS-7-7-16.pdf
Thursday, July 21 CBS-7-21-16.pdf
Tuesday, August 4 CBS-8-4-16.pdf
Tuesday, August 18 CBS-8-18-16.pdf


Results for Summer of 2015

Thursday, June 4 CBS-6-4-15.pdf
Thursday, June 18 CBS-6-18-15.pdf
Thursday, July 2 CBS-7-2-15.pdf
Thursday, July 16 CBS-7-16-15.pdf
Tuesday, August 4 CBS-8-4-15.pdf
Tuesday, August 18 CBS-8-18-15.pdf


Results from Summer of 2014

Tuesday, June 17 CBS-6-17-14.pdf
Tuesday, July 1 CBS-7-01-14.pdf
Tuesday, July 15 CBS-7-15-14.pdf
Tuesday, July 29 CBS-7-29-14.pdf
Tuesday, August 12 CBS-8-12-14.pdf
Tuesday, August 26 CBS-8-26-14.pdf


Results from Summer of 2013

Thursday, June 13 CBS-6-13-13.pdf
Thursday, June 27 CBS-6-27-13.pdf
Thursday, July 11 CBS-7-11-13.pdf
Thursday, July 25 CBS-7-25-13.pdf
Thursday, August 8 CBS-8-8-13.pdf
Thursday, August 22 CBS-8-22-13.pdf


Results from Summer of 2012

Thursday, June 7 CBS-6-07-12.pdf
Thursday, June 21 CBS-6-21-12.pdf
Thursday, July 5 CBS-7-5-12.pdf
Thursday, July 19 CBS-7-19-12.pdf
Tuesday, August 7 CBS-8-7-12.pdf
Tuesday, August 21 CBS-8-21-12.pdf


Results from Summer of 2011

Thursday, June 2 CBS-6-02-11.pdf
Thursday, June 16 CBS-6-16-11.pdf
Thursday, June 30 CBS-6-30-11.pdf
Tuesday, July 5 CBS-7-05-11.pdf
Tuesday, July 19 CBS-7-19-11.pdf
Tuesday, August 2 CBS-8-02-11.pdf
Tuesday, August 16 CBS-8-16-11.pdf